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  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Results

CRC Services

  • Project identification, evaluation and negotiation
  • Project exploration and development
  • Stock exchange listing
  • Corporate management
  • Equity and debt funding
  • Accounting & finance
  • Administrative & company secretarial
  • Marketing & investor relations

Projects and Clients

CRC has extensive experience in a diverse range of mineral commodities, geographical locations and stages of project development:


Gold, copper, lithium, uranium, iron ore, coal, platinum, diamonds.


Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Mali, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia.

Project Development

Evaluation, acquisition, exploration, feasibility, development and production.

CRC has had an active involvement in the following success stories:

  • Perseus Mining Ltd
    project identification, ASX and TSX listing, management, fundraisings
  • Moto Goldmines Ltd
    project identification, management, fundraisings, TSX and AIM listing
  • Amani Gold Ltd
    project identification, ASX listing, management, fundraisings
  • Tawana Resources NL
    project identification, ASX listing, management, fundraisings
  • De Grey Mining Limited
    fundraising and corporate advisory services
  • AVZ Minerals Ltd
    project identification, management, fundraisings

Other companies CRC has assisted include:

  • Acclaim Uranium Ltd
  • Aspen Group Limited
  • Australian Consolidated Equities
  • Carnavale Resources Limited
  • Caspian Oil & Gas Ltd 
  • Condor Resources Ltd
  • Drillcorp Limited
  • Elemental Minerals Ltd
  • Eneabba Gas Ltd
  • East Africa Gold Corporation
  • Erongo Energy Limited
  • Euroz Limited
  • Global Doctor Ltd
  • Kilkenny Gold Ltd
  • Kookynie Resources
  • Lafayette Mining Ltd
  • Lefroy Exploration Ltd
  • Liberty Resources Limited
  • Lindian Resources Ltd
  • Manas Resources Ltd
  • Menzies Gold
  • Mount Edon Gold Mines
  • Nemex Resources Ltd
  • Pan Palladium Ltd
  • Phoenix Mining Ltd
  • Pioneer Resources
  • Platina Resources Ltd
  • Plexus International Ltd
  • Red Metal Ltd
  • Spinifex Gold NL
  • Terrain Australia Ltd
  • Verus Investments Ltd
  • Wentworth Holdings
  • Western Minerals